Darkam the TOG !

Darkam Onikaiju, the Troll-Ogre-Giant !

Darkam is a green creature of a little over 7 meters high. This creature is a « T.O.G », a mix between a Troll, an Ogre and Giant. Darkam favorite’s two activities in life? Well : smashing everything that can go under his big green feet and emptying barrels up to a dark beer. He lives in a dark and immense cavern in which there is an ancient temple long forgotten. Despite its brutal appearance Darkam is a relatively social creature that can even sympathize around casks of his favorite beer with other creatures (outside the Dwarves, with very rare exceptions).

Darkam sprotch

Darkam Onikaiju

Physical characteristics of Darkam

Race : Troll / Ogre giant type of Chaos. A T.O.G!

Size : Just over 22ft (without horns!)

Skin color : dark green, rather scaly. Several major ancient tribal tattoos on the body reminiscent of drawings found in Inca temples..

Hair : Smooth Skull !

Eyes : red without pupils

Face :

  • 2 outgoing external canines of the lower jaw
  • 2 small black horns
  • A wide square jaw

Other :

  • Very large hands (it’s best to keep a tree!)
  • Only 3 wide and short toes, themselves ending in conical claws
  • Below flat feet, wide and massive (more convenient to flatten the troublemakers)
  • If fed the things he trampled (yum!)
  • Resistant to all forms of magic
  • Do not fear the sun as some Trolls
  • Hates water
Darkam Onikaiju beer

Darkam like beer !

Clothes :

  • 1 large belt holding a long piece of triangular fabric dark beige color, with closing ring represents a tribal aspect blue triangle. Other reasons may also be included reminiscent of Maya style designs..
  • Wear also a large iron bracelet on right arm
  • Leather banners at the other arms and lower legs..

Weapon :

  • Often ride with a tree trunk which he uses as a club or a massive Troll-axis depending on the day..


Darkam’s Psychological characteristics

To summarize, three passions: :

  • Trampling without any remorse of what is on its way (houses, trees, Humans, Elves, Gnomes, …)
  • Empty all the barrels of his favorite beer (or dark amber depending on the day)
  • Jealously guarding the treasure hidden deep in his dark cave (gold, jewels, secret plans to conquer the world, armor, political revelations …)
  • To party when the opportunity arises! (ok that make four passions…)


Artwork of Darkam Onikaiju ready to stomp !

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