Darkam Onikaiju turnaround

Darkam Onikaiju Turnaround

Darkam is a green creature of a little over 25 ft high. This creature is a « T.O.G », a mix between a Troll, an Ogre and a Giant.

Darkam’s last name, “Onikaiju” refers to two words :

– “Oni” (鬼) are a kind of demon, ogre or troll in Japanese folklore

– “Kaiju” (怪獣 kaijū) from Japanese « strange beast » and “giant monster”

Darkam’s two favorite activities in life? Well :

1/ Step on everything that can go under his massive ponderous green feet

2/ Emptying barrels of his favorite drink, a strange dark beer

We don’t know where he came from. Maybe a strange union, a magical creation or an ancient demon created him to protect a magical portal or temple.

Despite its brutal appearance Darkam is a relatively social creature that can even sympathize with other creatures (Dwarves are excluded).

Darkam sprotch

Darkam Onikaiju

Physical characteristics of Darkam

Race : Troll / Ogre / Giant (T.O.G). Sometime referred as “Chaos’ Troll”

Size : Just over 25ft (without the horns!)

Skin color : dark green, rather scaly. Several major ancient tribal tattoos on the body reminiscent of drawings found in traditional Japanese temples.

Hair : Smooth Skull !

Eyes : red without pupils

Face :

  • 2 outgoing external canines on the lower jaw
  • 2 small black horns
  • A wide square jaw

Other :

  • Hands : Very large (it’s best to keep a tree!) and chubby
  • Feet :
    • only 3 chubby and short toes, themselves ending with conical claws
    • Massive, ponderous feet with flat sole (more convenient to flatten the troublemakers)
  • Likes to eat the things he trampled (yum!)
  • Resistant to all forms of magic
  • Does not fear the sun as some Trolls might do
  • Hates water

Clothes :

  • 1 large belt holding a long piece of triangular fabric dark beige color, with closing ring, with a tribal aspect red triangle printed on it. Other symbols may also be included, reminiscent of Japanese style designs..
  • Wears also a large iron bracelet on his right arm
  • Leather banners at the other arm and lower legs.
  • Part of a Japanese temple roof on one of his shoulder
  • Barrels hooked at the belt

Weapon :

  • Often battles with a large spiked club (like the one used by Oni japanese monsters), mainly to fight other giant opponents. But he always prefer to use his massive feet as main weapons 😉


Darkam Onikaiju beer

Darkam like beer !

Darkam’s fortress

Darkam is leading a community of around 800 creatures who live in a giant old japanese fortress lost in a high mountain, guarding it from other creatures like humans and dwarves who try to conquer this place and take their treasures and secret weapons / technologies.

This fortress was made by giants. Everything is sized for giant creatures. You will find very large walls around the city but also many houses, shops, temples and even gardens with a large variety of plants. You will also find large kitchen, forgery, foundry, armory, schools for fight training (and beer making ;)) and strange abandoned laboratory and library with very old and unused machines. In fact only half of this fortress is known and used, a good part of it is abandoned or seen as “doomed” because of the ghost lights running around.

The little horde is composed of :

Ogres : when they don’t fight they are in charge of the kitchen activity

Trolls : well armored, they works in foundry and forgery

Orcs who use magic to protect the fortress and make tribal search and weapons

Humans : working of the more “business” activity part, like selling the dark beer outside the fortress

– Some Cyclops and other Half-giants who take care of large sheep / cow farms

They wear a clan banner and symbols on their armors with a red triangle with a dot.

In very rare occasion they attack villages and even other cities but most of the time war is to protect themselves from outside attackers.

They have a well advanced city life organisation, making their own armors and weapons, as well as clothes. They have made some agreements with local farmers to protect them (at least not eating them…) in return for many kinds of cereals and vegetables. But their principal production, that makes them very proud, is their dark beer well known around the globe to be one of the best beers ever made.

Each year they organize the well known “green skins” festival to celebrate the red moon. It is a very important moment for their community because Darkam, the “Brewer Master”, will test and validate their most knowed arround the world dark beer cuvée called « La Sprotch !« .



Artwork of Darkam Onikaiju ready to stomp !

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